100% Web

Baromaitre is a 100% web application developped using the latest technologies available in the community.


Baromaitre can be accessed using your computer, your tablet or your cell phone.


Baromaitre respects the same security protocols required to access canada's major financial institutions and banks.

  • Precise control over your files access (Wall of China)
  • Flexible and powerful billing system. Turn a profit with flair.
  • Aide à la prévention des conflits d’intérêts
  • Time management system. Make sure to bill every minutes of work.
  • Two-way secured document exchange
  • In trust and general accounting
  • Documents and procedures production based on your own templates
  • E-mails integrated into the application itself
  • Scanned documents archiving for protection against disasters.

Logiciels Baromaitre inc.

Les Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. products and services are created specifically to answer the needs of professionals like Lawyers and Notaries in all matters of data processing, implantation, maintenance and technological solutions. Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. gives you access to several specialized services including a technical team available for a quick response at your place of affairs as well as on the phone, an on line backup service using the very latest technologies, a well developed expertise in computer solutions outsourcing and programming, a prime support and development team for SMEs as well as a full department strictly for customer services management. Our clients can pick and choose the Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. particular services that are best for their needs either on demand, by contracts or within a frame of outsourcing requirements.

Our services

Les Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. offer a complete array of services so that you can focus entirely on your practice. We can analyze, advise and devise solutions appropriate for your specific needs or issues.

  • Registre Virtuel

    Virtual Register

    The virtual Register allows you to easily and securely preserve and share the fallowing Registers: • Corporations Registries • Condos Registries (coming soon) • In Trust Registries (coming soon)

  • YourFax

    Your Fax service allows you to get rid of your traditional fax machine. Send and receive faxes directly into your E-mail inbox, free of charges in Canada and USA. Each number becomes an E-mail address @votrefax.com so that every fax is treated like a simple E-mail. Transfer you fax number with us at Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. and avail yourself of our special rate including a 1-800 line making it easier for your clients to reach you. You can save on both your phone line and your long-distance calls. This service also includes the possibility of sending faxes to a whole group at the same time by using an E-mail list.

    Votre fax
  • ...


    An on line back up turnkey solution for professionals offices. Protect yourself from fire, theft, vandalism and viruses!

    Are you absolutely certain your corporate data is secure? Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. offer a complete on line backup up solution at a competitive price for SMEs and professionals. Our back up service is base on the latest technologies and the data, easy to retrieve, are copied onto two distinct locations. The encryption is so sophisticated that even Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. cannot restore your archives. Only the client holds the decryption key. This high quality periodical backup solution is audited regularly by a recognized professional order and the data is verified daily for integrity. In short, Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. take charge of the automatic backup of all your data on a cloud with an easy, practical system, using the latest technology and with a competitive price. For more details, click here!

  • YourE-mails

    Your E-mails service from Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. allows you to manage E-mails and calendars in an integrated and collaborative way. Synchronize your E-mails and meeting requests on any and all platforms: Outlook, Iphone, Ipad, Blackeberry, Android...etc. Your E-mail management interface gives you complete control on the creation and management of e-mails accounts for your employees, the sharing of calendars, forwarding of e-mails and out of office messages. The technical support team and the call center for Logiciels Baromaitre Inc. are at your service both in French or English.

  • ...


    In partnership with BabyTel, we offer our clients a competitive and superior IP phone solution. Indeed, it allows you to share your resources within several locations up to several hundred phones. Directories, automated transfers, virtual phones, reception, conference rooms...etc. are all available options with this product at a fraction of a traditional phone system price.

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Logiciels Baromaitre inc.